“Chagrin Falls was always one of my favorite shows. I was there during the floods and had been going since the sixties. The book is a great historical reference for people. I am a history buff and it was very nostalgic to see the early days and Gene (Mische), Rodney (Jenkins), Bernie (Traurig). I really liked the book and it is a great addition to my library I would recommend to others.” George Morris, Olympic Medalist, U.S.E.T. Coach, President of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame, 1984 Cleveland Grand Prix winner on Brussels

“The Cleveland Grand Prix was the first major test I ever witnessed, before becoming a full time announcer, and I was hooked. Little did I know that I would be a part of the production for many years and this book takes me back in a perfect form. What a super job on the Cleveland Grand Prix book. We need to make it available on the Hall of Fame website as recommended reading. I loved it.” Peter Doubleday, Horse Show Manager, Announcer and Chairman of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame

“Very special. Good job.” Bernie Traurig, Cleveland Grand Prix Winner 1973 on Springdale and 1978 on The Cardinal


…Anyone interested in the sport of show jumping or in the history of horse sport in this country will enjoy this book’s engaging trip down memory lane. Molly Sorge, Chronicle of the Horse, November 17, 2014, “Bookshelf”

In The Cleveland Grand Prix: An American Show Jumping First, author Betty Weibel chronicles the founding of the horse show, the rise of the American grand prix, and the evolution of show jumping into the sport that we enjoy today. While name-dropping famous pairs such as Mary Chapot and Tomboy, and Buddy Brown and Sandsablaze, Weibel explores the development of grand prix classes, courses, and the rise of American prominence in show jumping. Filled with anecdotes and great stories of the first American grand prix classes, this book is a must read for any equestrian with interest in the history of our sport… Hannah Neil, Horse & Style Magazine, October/November 2014 – Page 19, “Between the Lines”