The Book

Table of Contents


Part I: Why Cleveland?

1. The Early Years: Horses in Cleveland Sports
2. The Chagrin Valley: Land for Horse Sports
3. Horse Shows Evolve in Northeast Ohio
4. National Influences on the Local Equestrian Community

Part II: The Cleveland Grand Prix
5. The Birth of the Nation’s First Show Jumping Grand Prix
6. The 1960s: The Soaring, Soaking ’60s
7. The 1970s: Growth, Innovation and a Spinoff
8. The 1980s: Welcoming Sponsors, Managing Competition and Change
9. The 1990s: Conflicts, Cancellation and a Comeback
10. The New Millennium
11. The American Gold Cup Returns
12. A Foggy Future

Appendix A. Cleveland Grand Prix Winners PDF
Appendix B. U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team Members—Show Jumping
Appendix C. American Grand Prix Association Results—Horse of the Year
Appendix D. American Grand Prix Association Results—Rider of the Year
Appendix E. American Grand Prix Association Results—Rookie of the Year
Appendix F. Show Jumping Hall of Fame Inductees
Appendix G. FEI World Cup Show Jumping Champions
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